Our Varieties


One of our best sellers, this apple comes to us from scenic New Zealand where it is believed to be the result of a Cox Orange Pippen and a Golden Delicious.  These apples tend to be a bit smaller and are very sweet, making them a big hit with kids!  At Three Springs, we grow a number of Gala strains to insure a long season on this stellar variety so don't be alarmed if different shades of red rotate through our stand periodically - the flavor differences should be minimal.


'Gingergold' was discovered in Virginia in the 1960's in the aftermath of Hurricane Camille.  It's parentage is believed to be 'Golden Delicious' x 'Albemarle Pippen' x unknown (according to wikipedia, I had no idea).  It's known to growers in our region as the first good eating apple of the summer, often ripening 10 days to two weeks before 'Gala'.  Sweet with a good tangy finish, this is my sister Rachel's favorite apple!


Lodi comes from a limbsport of 'Yellow Transparent', an old Russian heirloom apple.  Lodi itself dates back to the early 20th century and is still known not only for it's very early ripening date, but it's ability or make a terrific apple sauce, both in flavor and texture.

Summer Rambo

Early ripening with crunchy fall apple texture - great tart apple for fresh eating and apple sauce


Our varieties are:






Our blackberry varieties are


'Triple Crown'


Sweet Cherries

The varieties we have planted include:








'Sandra Rose'




White/Blush Varieties


'Early Robin'

'Emperor Francis'

'Skylar Rae®'

Donut Peaches
Donut Peaches (white)

Our white donut peaches are 'Saturn'.

Yellow Bartlett

The first pear to ripen at Three Springs, 'Yellow Bartlett', like all pears, must be ripened off the tree and will first appear at market with a green tint.  Once this tint is removed, you'll have several weeks of tasty pear eating - Yellow Bartletts are very juicy and extremely sweet, with a little tanginess to balance it out.

Pie Cherries
Tart Cherries

Our main variety is 'Montmorency'


coming soon! 



Imperial Star


'Suyo Long'

'Suyo Long' is our Asian burpless cucumber - this descendant of a Japanese heirloom cucumber is reported by well-traveled Three Springs customers to be popular in the Far East in pickling applications and is recommended to those who occasionally have difficulty digesting cucumbers.  They're also known around the farm as "snake cucumbers" for their ability to make the more ophiophobic members or our staff jump in fear when working in that part of the patch!

Aremenian Seedless Cucumbers

'Rocky', our Armenian or 'Persian type' baby cucumbers are tasty, crunchy, versitile, and too dern cute to be ignored!  They make the perfect "three bite snack", take well to your favorite sweet or briney pickling scheme, and are always ready for a quick, "minimal prep" cucumber flavor infusion in your on-the-go salad.  As close to completely seedless as any cucumber can go, this has become a popular addition to our fresh veggie lineup!

Cucumber Melon

These fuzzy heirloom cucumbers have become a real hit with our customers.  Known for their extra sweet flavor and unique furry appearance, we have two varieties: one dark green from the 'Bari' region of Italy (Barese Scopatizzo) and another from a place North of there, 'Carosello Barese' that is more pale green.  The darker of the two tends to be sweeter while the lighter more mild with an extra crunchy texture.  Great for snacks, salads, or try this great simple syrup recipe.

Lemon Cucumbers

Everyone who loves, loves, loves cucumbers - you have a friend in my mom!  And my mom loves these tiny, kiwi fruit-sized snacking cucumbers.  They have a large seed pocket in the center that forms a juicy, cucumbery center and the seeds are very edible.  Best if eaten just like an apple!

'Fairytale' Mini Eggplant

Adorable and easy to use, 'Fairytale' has converted many an eggplant denier since we first started growing them in 2008!  I'd say confidently if you still don't like eggplant after you try these, you're a lost cause!  Very easy to use with a terrific flavor (my favorite of all of them), they're beautiful when you cut them open - a pure, snow white flesh.  Great just capped and roasted with olive oil, one longitudinal slice and they're halfed and thrown in the stir fry.  Six quick lateral slices and you have a whole new texture to toy with - all with tons of flavor.  Try 'em, you'll be hooked!  They look like miniature versions of our Zebra eggplants.

Zebra Eggplant

Seen here with our purple heirloom 'Dancer', our Zebra eggplants are smaller and less bitter than their large, black Italian compatriots.  The flesh of these smaller heirloom types also tends to be softer and more delicate, creating good texture contrast in roasting applications

Cherokee Purple

Our most sought-after heirloom tomato for fresh eating and sandwiches, these dark purple/brown beauties are known for their unmistakable smokey-sweet flavor!

Green Zebra

As tasty as they are pretty, these tomatoes ripen to a lime green background color laced with dark green "zebra stripes".  Bright and with good "bite" these are the perfect size and flavor for two chops into quarters and right into your summer salad.  Red and Black half siblings of this variety add great color if you're entertaining folks this week.

Jaun Flamme

A French heirloom variety with a good bold flavor and a pretty apricot colored exterior.  These tomatoes have meaty walls and are good cut in half for tomato salads or quartered and added to a big bowl of greens.


These sub-acid heirloom tomatoes are as revered for their beauty as they are for their sweet flavor.  A great choice for BLTs as the sweetness plays well off a good, local salty/smoked bacon.

Red Brandywine

This heirloom type has the bold "beefsteak-y" flavor that's hard to top.  A good place to start if you're an heirloom tomato neophyte.

Tomato, Cherry
Mixed Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes

Our mixed cherry heirloom tomato pints bring a boatload of color and flavor to any application!  Varieties include 'Favorita', 'Mini Yellow', 'Sun Gold', 'Black Cherry', 'Brown Berry', 'Green Grape', 'Yellow Pear', and 'Red Pear'.  Have a favorite and would like order a pint of one variety?  We can handle these requests when you order online in advance of market!

Winter Squash

This winter squash has a sweet flesh but for me, takes best to savory applications because of the nutty flavor qualities it carries.  A good option for stuffing once the seed cavity is hollowed out.  Though all fall squash skins are edible, the outside skin of the delicata is thicker than Butternut and many of Delicata's other hard squash kin.

Spaghetti Squash

When it first appeared in seed catalogs in the early 20th century, it was sold as 'Vegetable Spaghetti'.  For all practical purposes, this title fits the description of Spaghetti Squash to this day!  Just warm it up, cut off the top, and scoop out the spaghetti-like stringy insides and serve!  I promise you will not lose your home gourmet accredidation if you microwave this squash - it's the easiest way to get the job done.  Dress it up with butter & garlic and Italian seasonings, and some sauce, or enjoy it for what it is - a vegetable spaghetti!